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If you or someone you know are interested in becoming a D.I.V.A's Member, Volunteer or if you know of a young lady who could benefit from this organization, please fill out the appropriate application.

Diva In Training (D.I.T)


  • Ages 11 - 21
  • Enrolled in school, graduated or possess GED*
  • No history of acts of violence (ie - assult, carrying a weapon, etc)
  • Abide by D.I.V.A's Rules & Regulations
  • $10 non-refundable registration fee**
  • Miss no more than 4 D.I.T meetings per year


* Willing to go back to school to obtain GED

** Sponsorship may be available upon request and review by board of directors.

D.I.T Requirements

D.I.T's Application

Thinking of becoming a D.I.V.A's Member or Volunteer?

D.I.V.A's Requirements

D.I.V.A's Member and Volunteer Application

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